Our History

In 1951, Gattis Brown, from Glen Hope Baptist Church in Burlington, started conducting prayer meetings in the Roxboro area. The meetings were held in the Loftis Store Building, which is located on Hurdle Mills Road in Roxboro. They were held there until the congregation started to increase, and at that time the meetings were held in individual homes. In 1952, the meetings started being held in the Cedar Grove Community in an old pack barn owned by Mr. Laws. The building was located at the intersection of Hurdle Mills Road, Wilkerson Road, and Hester Road. The church was named Five Forks Baptist Church because of the three roads which intersected at a five point intersection. The building was an old pack barn which had a basement.

On July 2, 1953 the church was organized with 27 people joining on the opening service. At the end of July 1953 there were 57 members. As the church continued to grow Sunday School Rooms were added to the back of the auditorium. The church building did not have any indoor plumbing. There was no drinking water available. The church was heated with an oil furnace located in the center of the church. In the summer months, the building did not have any type of cooling system. Gattis Brown was pastor of the church from 1953-1964. At this time he resigned to become pastor to the Lawsonville Road Baptist Church.

In December of 1963 the church started to discuss the possibility of relocating and constructing a new church building. The congregation wanted to have a cemetery and the land was not available at the existing location. Mr. Arthur Wright offered to give the church enough land for a new church building and cemetery. The church thought it was best to buy the land, therefore a small amount of money which was $1 was given to Mr. Wright for the land.

On November 8, 1964 Bro. Tommy Willis was voted in by the congregation of the church to become interim pastor. He served as interim pastor until May of 1965. At this time he agreed to become full time pastor of the church. In July of 1966 the church voted to start construction of the new building. In September of 1966 the church voted to buy the block needed to start the construction and at this time 2400 blocks were donated by the members and by people living in the community and surrounding areas. The church was constructed with Rev. Willis and other members of the church doing much of the work. The church was completed and dedication services were held on December 10,1967. The original building consisted of the auditorium and Sunday school rooms in the basement. Several years later the addition at the back of the church and another room in the basement was added.

On July 1976, Bro. Arthur McGahan was voted in as pastor and remained pastor until March 17, 1979. We had different preachers to come and speak each week for the four months that we were without a pastor.

In late 1978, the Fellowship Hall, formerly the Cedar Grove Ruritan Club, along with 7 acres was bought for $65,000. The contents were later bought for $3,000.

On July 22, 1979, the church voted to have Bro. Jack Lemons as pastor. He resigned as pastor in 1985 and went on to pastor McLeansville Baptist Church. On December 8, 1985, Bro. Frank Thacker was voted in as pastor. Bro. Thacker remained pastor until October 15, 1989. Bro. Charles Churchill became Associate Pastor to Bro. Thacker on April 26, 1987 and became Pastor of Five Forks Baptist Church on December 31, 1989. Bro. Churchill remained the pastor for over 24 years until June 22, 2014.

Five Forks Baptist Church remained without a Pastor for a little over two years until July 3rd, 2016 when Pastor Austin Brown became the seventh Pastor of Five Forks Baptist Church. Bro. Brown remained the Pastor of Five Forks until January of 2019.

Bro. Hunter Strength was voted in as the Pastor of Five Forks Baptist Church on March 24th, 2019.